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New Sulhwasoo SPA with full furnishing of the finest facilities in Hong Kong, the second location after the Jamsil shop in the Lotte Department Store
Sulhwasoo, one of AmorePacific's flagship brands, opened the Second Sulhwasoo SPA in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong on June 23. Following the first launch of Jamsil branch in Lotte Department Store in last November, the second Sulhwasoo SPA demonstrates its finest facilities and best services in 4-story building.
The Sulhwasoo SPA located across Harbor City, the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong, has been prepared for over 1 year and already has attracted a lot of attention as a new landmark of Canton Road. Decorated by the Prunus mume flower pattern, the unique design of Sulhwasoo for the second through fourth floor, the spa is recognized as a stand-out structure even in Hong Kong, where a large number of distinctive buildings are located.
The Hong Kong SPA has 11 rooms equipped with three body treatment rooms on the second floor, six facial treatment rooms on the third floor and 2 VIP rooms on the fourth floor in addition to the product sales area on the first floor. It is also built with sauna and Vichy shower facilities.
Designed by BETC, a French design company that has worked with Louis Vuitton and Jean Paul Gaultier, the SPA is characterized by the interior inspiration of Korean traditional materials in a modern sense.
The Sulhwasoo SPA in Hong Kong provides various beauty care programs including 1 signature program, 7 facial treatment programs, 4 body treatment programs, 8 extra treatment programs and waxing/eyelash perm treatments as well. The SPA program in Hong Kong shop has implemented Korean traditional therapies in a modern way by using ginseng seed, "Sangsaeng" breathing method for harmonious wellness and aromatic dry cloth massage, which is inspired by a ritual treatment in the palaces during Joseon Dynasty and is performed with dry cloth infused with customers' choice of aroma essential oil. The SPA's massage kits use Korean traditional materials such as jade, amber, white porcelain and hanji (Korean paper).
"I hope that Sulhwasoo customers in Hong Kong will have a better understanding of Sulhwasoo and Korea with the opening of the Spa," said Fion Ipp, President of AmorePacific Hong Kong.
Product Inquiry: AmorePacific Customer Service: 080-023-5454

On June 18 at the entrance of Cheonggye Square, Ryeo, the premium oriental herbal shampoo brand of AmorePacific, introduced the non-medicine Ryeo for Nourishing & Shining Hair, which can prevent hair loss and keep the health of scalp and hair with the oriental fermentation technology.
The event presented models in costumes of the queen and court ladies who demonstrated how to treat their scalp and hair with the "rich and beautiful hair-care secrets of the queen" to visitors of the Cheong-gye Square.
Ryeo for Nourishing & Shining Hair treats hair loss by nourishing the scalp and strengthening the root of thinning hair to become healthy and rich through the Jayoungdan fermentation treatment that contains "Baekjain" (biota seed), a secret ingredient of AmorePacific for preventing hair loss and "Kyungohksan" as a restorative herbal medicine along with ginseng, black soybean, green tea, Japanese chirata and Pleuropterus multflorus. With the oriental herbal treatment of natural fermentation technology developed by AmorePacific, the new product line enhanced the efficacy of hair loss prevention treatments by improving the moisturizing power of scalp. This hair loss prevention effect is recognized with the approval of Korea Food & Drug Administration.
Product Inquiry: AmorePacific Customer Service: 080-023-5454

LANEIGE appeared for the first time to French women through Water Sleeping Pack promotion on last 17th. Beginning with entering 50 Sephora shops in France at the same time on the coming April 1, sales will be expanded to 150 shops until the second half of this year. Besides, it is supposed to enter the Sephora shops in other European countries like Spain and Italy. LANEIGE will meet female customers in France with hit products like Power Essential Skin Refiner and Water Sleeping Pack Plus, and basic products including Water Bank Line as a moisture care product and Perfect Renew Line as an early functional product for anti-aging. Mr. T. Jaugeas, the general manager of Sephora in France, said, “Sephora is one of the best cosmetics distribution chain stores that introduces only high quality premium products worldwide, so a new brand must go through very difficult conditions to enter there. LANEIGE has already been successful lots of times in Sephora shops in Asia. It came to appear to European markets for the first time out of Korean brands with the judgment that its simple and deluxe design of container, fresh perfume and moist feeling of use must be attractive to European women.” Aeran Gu, the LANEIGE brand manager and a team leader, said, “Now that the portion of imported cosmetics is gradually increased out of the entire cosmetics, it is very significant for LANEIGE, one of Korean native brands, to advance to France, so called the home of cosmetics. LANEIGE, a brand its possibility proved already as a global brand, is expected to be fairly successful in all over the Europe as well as France. Beginning to enter Sephora in France this time, LANEIGE will propagate Asian beauty to the whole world.” Appearing for the first time domestically in 1994, LANEIGE began advancing to overseas market by entering Sogo Department Store in Hongkong in April 2002, thanks to domestic customers’ love. Now it runs about 212 shops in 13 countries and receives great love as a global brand. LANEIGE is confident that it grows as the most successful beauty brand that enters the European market for the first time out of Korean beauty brands, based on the advancement to Sephora in Europe this time.

Amore Pacific opens “ Night of Sulwha Culture”, a charity event, to raise the fund to publicize Korean cultural heritage leaving hidden. At the event to be held at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 30 at Dynasty Club of Shilla Hotel, twenty pieces of art works will be exhibited and put up at silent auction. The art works have been made by six member artists of Sulwha Club under the theme of “beautiful patterns of Korea” to contribute to the event. In addition to exhibition, piano sonata will be also performed by Professor Lim Dongchang and his disciples to entertain 300 or so members of Sulwha Club and notable cultural artists. The money raised by the auction of contributed art works will be donated to non-profit cultural foundation to be used for the publication of hidden cultural heritage of Korea. Sulwhasu, one of Korea’s representative herb medicinal cosmetics, has hosted a cultural gathering with the name of Sulwha Club since 2003. The club has 42 artists as members. To the event this year, six artists, Kim Youngsun, a fiber artist, Kim Yuseon, a sculptor and painter, Kim Hisoo, a Korean dress designer, Nam Gunghwan, a painter, Lee Seonhwa, a space designer and director and Jeong Yeonseon, a student of Korean rice cake, contribute their works. The art works exhibited at “Night of Sulwha Culture” will be displayed at Exhibition of Korea’s Beautiful Patterns to be held at Gangnam Finance Center (the former Star Tower) from Nov. 5 to 11. Sulwhasu, a brand and cultural goods representing Korea’s refined beauty and culture, has given support to artists working for Korean culture since 2003. For the purpose, Sulwhasu sponsored Kim Hisoo’s Exhibition of Ornamental Knots in 2003, Kim Okhyun’s Digital Fiber Blue Exhibition and publishing of Bae Byungwoo’s photo album “I enjoy living in blue mountains” in 2005 and joint works of eight artists under the main theme of “Coloring beauty of Korea” at the first Night of Sulwha Culture in 2006. Amore Pacific will organize the event every year with new themes and the money raised by selling art works contributed to the event will be donated to non-profit cultural organizations to be used for Korean cultural properties. “I expect that this event of Night of Sulwha Culture could lay the foundation for Mecenat of Korean culture,” said Seo Gyeongbae, CEO of Amore Pacific. “We will continue to give support to cultural artists, organization of exhibitions and publishing cultural books to provide customers with hands-on experience and publicize the beauty of Korean culture,” added he.

Laneige, which created a sensation in Hong Kong, China and South Asia, succeeded in making inroads into Europe at last with the opening of a store at Lotte Department Store in Moscow in September this year. The opening of a Laneige store in Moscow, Russia, where the whites account for 90 percent of the populace, signifies that Amore Pacific contemplating extending its business to a larger market abroad beyond Asia. The Laneige store at Moscow Lotte Department Store has an assortment of cosmetics that can meet needs of Russian women, including basic care line, water sleepingpack plus and sliding pact, to attract local women customers. On the opening day, the shop did a roaring business with visits by over 100 of great figures of political and government circles. Laneige is contemplating launching premium make-ups and ultra-hydro lines, and opening more shops at other department stores in Russia in the near future. “The possibility of Laneige for a global brand has been already proved in Asia,” said Kim Huisun, the Laneige brand manager. “Laneige products made by the application of our unique moisturizing technology have been proved under dry and cold climate as well as wet and hot climate conditions, so we expect that they would make a great success in Russia as well. The feminine beauty “clean and white as snow” Laneige pursues has gained such popularity that our entry into the Russian market would help the Asian beauty become the cosmopolitan beauty.” In the meantime, Laneige that was released in Korea in 1994 made inroads into the Hong Kong market in 2002 and was extended to China and Southeast Asia to operate currently over 200 stores in eight Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, in a prosperous condition. Encouraged by the success abroad, Laneige opened a store at the main store of Lotte Department Store in the end of August this year to pave the way for lauching of premium lines. It also launched Laneige Make-up in Hong Kong last month and is contemplating launching it throughout Asia next year. Amore Pacific developed Laneige Make-up under the slogan, “The most suitable make-up for Asian women.”

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