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Confronting TV commercial queen, Na-young Lee over attractiveness as a dual model AmorePacific(President Kyung-bae Suh) singed a contract with ‘Ji-hyun Joen’, a TV commercial queen, thus designating her as an exclusive model representing ‘Laneige’ brand along with Na-young Lee. Ji-hyun Joen, who has exerted her attractiveness of being straightforward, sexy and boyish in movies and commercials as a trend icon, has been gaining growing popularity. By being selected as a model for Laneige, a long-seller brand representing Korea, she is set to solidify her position as a ‘TV commercial queen’. Introduced in 1994, Laneige has successfully addressed the needs of people in their 20s who pursuit new things every day by adopting the slogan, “Everyday New Face”. Also it chose ‘happiness’ as brand essence and unified all communication activities so that people could come up with a happy and bright image when hearing the brand name, ‘Laneige’. In particular, TV commercials where product characteristics are naturally expressed through Na-young Lee’s brightness made people watching it feel happy and delighted. The loving image of Na-young Lee, who has worked as an exclusive model for Laneige for the past four years, was loved by men and women in their 20s, contributing greatly to creating brand royalty. Taking a step farther from 2004, Laneige is preparing to become a more sensuous and trendy brand. As a first step, Ji-hyun Joen was selected as a Laneige model to represent the brand along with Na-young Lee. Ji-hyun Jeon is a splendid actress who is fully qualified for necessary conditions: Her ‘being straightforward but friendly and being energetic, healthy, liberal and sexy and sometimes boyish’ are the kind of characteristics that girls in their 20s prefer the most, and at the same time fit with the image of women that a trendy brand, Laneige represents. With the selection of Ji-hyun Jeon in 2004 as its model, Laneige is set to solidify its dual model system and generate synergy effects. Now much attention is paid to the cosmetics industry’s leading brand Laneige’s ‘Everyday New Face’ campaign that would be newly changed through ‘Ji-hyun Jeon’.

Achieving inner beauty and outer beauty simultaneously with health supplementss and body cosmetics In line with the global trend of cherishing well-being and good shape, AmorePacific (President Kyung-bae Suh) introduces two types of S’lite through VB program and Hera brand in March that enhances inner beauty(health supplements) and outer beauty(cosmetics) and shapes up your body. Health supplements ‘VB Program S’lite Slimmer’ and body cosmetics ‘Hera S’lite Designer’ are edible body care products and generates synergy effects of creating a beautiful slim body line by managing overall body fat and through partial body shaping. Having a balanced body shape is an interest of modern women and an essential condition for them to be beautiful. To have healthy and resilient body, not only regular exercise and skin care but also internal body functions controlling body fat are significant. ‘VB Program S’lite Slimmer(360g(2gX180tablets)/about 50,000 Won)' is nutrient-supplementing food containing ‘dietary fiber’ that slows down fat absorption and ‘Garsinia Canbogia’ accelerating body fat disintegration and blocking fat synthesis, Soypeptide, Theanine and more which contain herbal ingredients and helps create a balanced body line. (Patent Application No. 10-2003-0095414 Slimmer food composite containing dietary fiber) Containing blue berry juice, it is fresh sweet and sour taste and made in chewable tables, thus it is easy to eat and easy to carry around. ’Hera Slite Designer(250ml/about 50,000 Won)' which is used along with S’lite Slimmer is a fitness body gel that creates smooth and resilient body line. It contains Theanine (also contained in ‘VB Program S’lite Simmer’), 'SRC complex' which has shaping effects and herbal extracts that help create a slim body line such as L-carnitine, scoparia extracts, remoduline, etc. (Patent application No. 10-2003-0041552 Theanine sclerite absorption acceleration method and skin application composite containing green tea ingredients) Also, ‘Essential Oil Aroma’, which is applied for patent helps create a beautiful attractive body line. When applied on body parts in need of body care before exercising, it gives light and cool feeling and quickly be absorbed in the body. The moment you apply the aroma, you could unique feeling as if your skin instantly gets tense. Along with the College of Oriental Medicine at Kyung Hee University, Amore pacific proved effects of the product and prosumers such as entertainers, Amore counselors, etc. participated in the product development first hand. The new item could be bought through Amore counselors (door-to-door sales). And starting from March, ‘VB Program S’lite Simmer’ would be sold at department stores.

Strawberry Yogurt makes your skin smooth~ A fresh change is brought about in your winter skin. Laneige’s first happy item in 2004 is nothing but strawberry yogurt pack. ‘Laneige Daily Strawberry Yogurt Pack’ is a massage pack made out of yogurt full of milk’s nutrients and strawberry full of vitamin C that makes your skin moist and brilliant. Yogurt extracts that combine milk, complete food with nutrients contained in lactic acid make your skin smooth and soft. Strawberry extracts, which is full of vitamin C, provide your skin moisture and nutrients at the same time, thus making dry skin clean and clear. And smooth texture of yogurt helps blood circulation while you apply the message pack onto your skin. When you wash off the pack, you could feel the moistness and smoothness of your skin. Why ‘Laneige Daily Strawberry Yogurt Pack’ is better than using a pack made from average yogurt? Applying average yogurt that you eat evenly onto your skin is not easy because it streams down cheeks and contains strawberry lumps. It could also cause skin troubles so you should apply the yogurt after placing gauze on the face. ‘Laneige Daily Strawberry Yogurt Pack’ eliminates all the inconveniences in using a natural pack and could be easily used. Also, there is a difference between products made to eat and those produced to apply on skin in the ways they are absorbed. Since the products to apply directly touch the skin, they have to be better absorbed and should not irritate skin. ‘Laneige Daily Strawberry Yogurt Pack’ is made into a form that could easily be absorbed by skin, thus it well delivers nutrients into your skin while you get your face packed.

Creation of Romantic Dream, Pure Dream and Sexy Dream AmorePacific has introduced a new product, LANEIGE Triple Eyeshadow that adds deep and bright expression through the light. The product consists of powder with high affinity to the skin and improved prevention of powder flapping. It has long lasting makeup effect through high adhesion to the skin by instantaneously being liquefied at skin temperature. LANEIGE Triple Eyeshadow No. 11 : Expresses romantic dream with sensitivity of cute and lovely girls Pastel Pink | Bright pink layered with sweet pearl feeling Pink Serenade | Rich pink with lovely sparkling Rose Serenade | Pinkish rose brown with glittering pearl feeling LANEIGE Triple Eyeshadow No. 22 : Expresses pure dream with clean beauty radiating from purity Acqua Rose | Bright peachy rose transparent like water Pinky Orange | Pinky coral orange mixed with light pearl touch Flower Dream | Sweet coral rose with vague glitter LANEIGE Triple Eyeshadow No. 45 : Expresses sexy dream to cautiously present passion in your heart Spangle Lavender| Bright lavender with glittering silver spangle Purple Eyes | Violet purple full of sparkle Sexy Purple | Deep blue purple with metallic pearl touch added

- Figures to be 2,740 a day and two a minute - The sales of LANEIGE Fittingday Twincake from AMOREPACIFIC have surpassed a million only a year after after being on the market. One million a year figures to be about 2,740 a day and two a minute. As soon as LANEIGE Fittingday Twincake was introduced to the market in September 2002, the product, with its unique adhesion touch to skin, gained explosive popularity among the young ladies who want a natural and straightforward make-up. Shortly after its introduction, it took over No. 1 market share among the cosmetics specialized stores (A.C. Nielsen Retail Index, Jan.~Aug., 2003), and surpassed one million sold on September 30, 2003, its first anniversary on the market. It is now a definite steady seller with many repeat customers. To return the customer’s favor in kind, AMOREPACIFIC is introducing LANEIGE Fittingday Twincake Special Design Set in October. This limited edition commemorating the first anniversary and one million products sold is packaged by a simple but refined silver colored case with touch of shining light on the front surface as well as fun graphics that reminds of fireworks. In addition, a pearl base sample (10ml) is included for the customer’s enjoyment. LANEIGE Fittingday Twincake uses highly concentrated coated powder that adheres to the skin and presents feeling of light and clean skin. The violet crystal powder that expresses both transparent blue and splendor red adds clearness to the skin. Its multi amino acid content of high affinity with the skin maintains a nice makeup without dryness. It is available in four colors of light beige (No. 13), natural beige (No. 21), sand beige (No. 23) and cinnamon beige (No. 31) and refill is also available. The price is around 23,000 won.

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